2012 Creide 5K Only Fools Run at Midnight

April 21, 2012 at Midnight

March Update

Last weeks spinal tap went as usual, they never get routine.  Good thing is that nothing came back in the tests.  Ya!!!!  I finally understand the part of “remission in 7 days yet treatment for 3+ years.”  The hardest concept to understand has been the fact that if he is in remission then why all the treatments and medicine for 3 more years!!!!  Another mom explained it that the chemo he is undergoing everyday and during his spinals is chemo to kill any dormant cancer cells so this is actually the first phase of remission.  Although no cancer cells show up in tests there may be some somewhere or that are not yet active which get zapped with the chemo.   So bring on the chemo and keep those cancer cells away.  This helps us understand the long treatment esp. for the boys.  Girls treatment is shorter.  Some great news….he is taking his meds sooo much better now.  We crush it, mix with a little water and “down the hatch!”  He likes when we say that.  What a little trooper.  Keep those prayers coming for his chemo to do its job!

People can actually register online now by going to www.register4races.com and find this 5k to do it all online.  Should be fun as i am sure many will dress in crazy costumes!!!!

Love and best wishes,
Craig, Carrie, Connor and Creide

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